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Fairview is a residential neighbourhood in the south-east quadrant of Calgary, Alberta. It is bounded to the north by Glenmore Trail and 66 Avenue S, to the east by Blackfoot Trail, to the south by Heritage Drive and to the west by Macleod Trail. Fairmont Drive bisects the neighbourhood from north to south and Chinook Centre is located north-west from the community.

Fairview was annexed by Calgary in 1956.

The community is served by Fairview Bilingual Elementary and Junior High, Le Roi Daniels school, as well as by the West Island College (private) and Tanbridge Academy (private).

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Fairview Apartment Rental Stats

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Fairview Closest Schools

Name/Address Distance
Fairview School | Calgary Board of Education
7840 Fairmount Drive Southeast, Calgary
0.32 km
Global Kids Academy
7400 Macleod Trail Southeast #22, Calgary
0.46 km
Le Roi Daniels School | Calgary Board of Education
47 Fyffe Road Southeast, Calgary
0.49 km
Conseil Scolaire Catholique
6940 Fisher Road Southeast, Calgary
0.82 km
West Island College Calgary
7410 Blackfoot Trail Southeast, Calgary
0.83 km
St. Matthew School
416 83 Avenue Southeast, Calgary
0.87 km
Chabad Lubavitch of Alberta
134 Forge Road Southeast, Calgary
0.88 km
Janus Academy Middle School
8516 Athabasca Street Southeast, Calgary
1.04 km
Lord Beaverbrook High School | Calgary Board of Education
9019 Fairmount Drive Southeast, Calgary
1.42 km
Henry Wise Wood High School | Calgary Board of Education
910 75 Avenue Southwest, Calgary
1.43 km
Our Lady of the Rockies High School
111 Haddon Road Southwest, Calgary
1.55 km
Keyboard Academy of Music
8411 Elbow Drive Southwest, Calgary
1.58 km
Bright Ideas Personalized Learning
6707 Elbow Drive Southwest, Calgary
1.66 km
Reseau D'Adaptation Scolaire
360 94 Avenue Southeast, Calgary
1.85 km
Haysboro School | Calgary Board of Education
1123 87 Avenue Southwest, Calgary
2.07 km
Windsor Park School
5505 4A Street Southwest, Calgary
2.24 km
Eugene Coste School | Calgary Board of Education
10 Hillgrove Crescent Southwest, Calgary
2.51 km
AQ Outdoors
5063 11 Street Southeast, Calgary
3.05 km
Calgary College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture
4014 Macleod Trail Southeast #107, Calgary
3.56 km
Dr. E.P. Scarlett High School | Calgary Board of Education
220 Canterbury Drive Southwest, Calgary
4.44 km

Distances are estimated from a central point within the community.

Fairview Closest Libraries

Name/Address Distance
Little Free Library
35 90 Avenue Southeast, Calgary
1.51 km
Little Free Library
355 94 Avenue Southeast, Calgary
1.92 km
Kendalls Book Garden
9528 3 Street Southeast, Calgary
2.03 km
Little Free Library
9815 3 Street Southeast, Calgary
2.31 km
Little Free Library
99 Riverside Close Southeast, Calgary
2.61 km
Southwood Library
924 Southland Drive Southwest, Calgary
2.91 km
Library Planning Consultants
10816 Macleod Trail Southeast, Calgary
3.29 km
Little Free Library
4323 4A Street Southwest, Calgary
3.38 km
Little Free Library Charter #61360
2303 Longridge Drive Southwest, Calgary
3.49 km
The Mangrove Tree Preschool & Daycare
Community Centre, 4013 Stanley Road Southwest, Calgary
3.64 km
Little Free Library
4707 14A Street Southwest, Calgary
3.71 km
Little Free Library
228 Sackville Drive Southwest, Calgary
3.74 km
Fish Creek Library
11161 Bonaventure Drive Southeast, Calgary
3.79 km
Little Free Library
814 Riverdale Avenue Southwest, Calgary
3.82 km
Little Free Library Charter #39047
2248 Palliser Drive Southwest, Calgary
3.86 km
Little Free Library Charter # 9725
2304 Palisade Drive Southwest, Calgary
3.98 km
Little Free Library
3828 6 Street Southwest, Calgary
4.01 km
Little Free Library Charter #8371
2623 Laurel Crescent Southwest, Calgary
4.21 km
Little Free Library
2110 47 Avenue Southwest, Calgary
4.29 km
Quarry Park Library
108 Quarry Park Road, Calgary
4.95 km

Distances are estimated from a central point within the community.

Distances are estimated from a central point within the community.

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