Breckenridge Greens Community Overview

Breckenridge Greens is a residential neighbourhood in west Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Development of the neighbourhood is comparatively recent, with most residential construction occurring during the 1990s according to the 2001 federal census.

The neighbourhood is bounded on the south by Whitemud Drive, on the west by Winterburn Road, on the north by Suder Green Drive, and on the east by Lewis Estates Boulevard.

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Breckenridge Greens Apartment Rental Stats

Currently there are no active rental properties listed within Array

Breckenridge Greens Closest Schools

Name/Address Distance
BrightPath West Henday
850 Webber Greens Drive Northwest, Edmonton
1.58 km
Sister Annata Brockman Elementary/Junior High School
355 Hemingway Road Northwest, Edmonton
2.81 km
Bambini Learning Group - Hamptons
5955 199 Street Northwest, Edmonton
2.99 km
LaPerle School
18715 97A Avenue Northwest, Edmonton
3.21 km
Belmead School
9011 182 Street Northwest, Edmonton
3.25 km
Ladybug Playschool
6210 188 Street Northwest, Edmonton
3.27 km
Bessie Nichols School
189 Hemingway Road Northwest, Edmonton
3.36 km
St. Martha
7240 180 Street Northwest, Edmonton
3.49 km
Michael A. Kostek School
5303 190 Street Northwest, Edmonton
3.73 km
St. Oscar Romero Catholic High School
17760 69 Avenue Northwest, Edmonton
3.88 km
Beaux Esprits Playschool - French Immersion
17740 69 Avenue Northwest, Edmonton
3.99 km
Thorncliffe Elementary School
8215 175 Street Northwest, Edmonton
4.09 km
Eternal Health Services
21107 108 Avenue Northwest, Edmonton
4.09 km
S. Bruce Smith School
5545 184 Street Northwest, Edmonton
4.13 km
WECA Soccer
17503 93 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T5T 3W2 93 Avenue Northwest, Edmonton
4.19 km
17319 69 Avenue Northwest, Edmonton
4.33 km
Factory Climbing
10247 184 Street Northwest, Edmonton
4.41 km
Jumpstart Early Learning Academy (Preschool) - Edgemont
20041 Lessard Road Northwest, Edmonton
4.56 km
Revolution Music West Edmonton 1
8415 D 169 Street Northwest, Edmonton
4.91 km
Kitaskinaw School enoch
SW 22 52 26 W4 township rd, Enoch
4.95 km

Distances are estimated from a central point within the community.

Breckenridge Greens Closest Libraries

Name/Address Distance
Edmonton Public Library - West Henday Promenade (Lewis Estates)
818 Webber Greens Drive Northwest, Edmonton
1.51 km
Little Free Library
671 Glenwright Crescent Northwest, Edmonton
1.76 km
Little Free Library
1241 Gillespie Crescent Northwest, Edmonton
1.81 km
Free Little Library
1673 Glastonbury Boulevard Northwest, Edmonton
2.02 km
Little Free Library
903 Goodwin Close Northwest, Edmonton
2.32 km
Little Free Library
18911 90A Avenue Northwest, Edmonton
2.52 km
Little Free Library
9852 221 Street Northwest, Edmonton
2.61 km
Little Free Library - Wyrmwood Library
19007 56 Avenue Northwest, Edmonton
3.53 km
Edmonton Public Library - Lois Hole (Callingwood)
17650 69 Avenue Northwest, Edmonton
4.04 km
Little Free Library
75 Dechene Road Northwest, Edmonton
4.39 km
Little free library
8030 172 Street Northwest, Edmonton
4.40 km
Children's Free Little Library
4.52 km

Distances are estimated from a central point within the community.

Distances are estimated from a central point within the community.

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